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Dumpster Bags

We also have solutions for smaller projects and jobs where space is limited.  Dumpster bags are ideal for tasks that don't require a full size dumpster, saving you money and leaving more room to work.  Just order a bag from Amazon or pick-up at any big box store, fill it up, and let us know when it's ready for disposal! 


Why use a dumpster bag?

Dumpster Bags are the perfect solution for small home cleanups or light remodels.  Our drivers keep them on hand in our trucks, and they are also available on amazon and on the shelf at each big box store.  Place them near the curb or in a spot accessible by truck, fill it up, and let us know it's ready to go.  Compact, but large enough to fit full sheets of drywall or plywood, these bags are rip resistant and designed to be reused up to three times.  Dumpster Bags are a must in every residential contractor's toolbox, keeping the last-minute demo clutter out of the truck box.

Dumpster Bag Price $29.95

Amazon Dumpster Bag - AMAZON LINK

Home Depot Dumpster Bag - Home Depot Link

Menards Dumpster Bag - Menards Link

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