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How do I order a dumpster?  

Give us a call or send a message and we can help you determine what dumpster size will work best for your situation. 

Do I need to reserve a dumpster in advance?  

We encourage our customers to make a reservation one week ahead of time to make sure we have a container available.  However, we can often make same-day deliveries even without advance notice.


Can I pay after the dumpster is delivered?

We request a credit card to be kept on file that will be charged before delivery.


Do l need to be there when the dumpster is delivered?

It's best if you can be present, but if you are not available you may mark the area where you would like the dumpster or send us a picture of the approximate location.  Our driver will use their discretion in making the final call to place the container if you are not around.  


Will the dumpster scratch my driveway?

Our dumpsters have rollers on the bottom to minimize scratching.  But we can't guarantee the dumpster won't leave a mark, so if you're concerned about it, please let us know ahead of time and we can lay down plywood to make sure the concrete is not damaged.


What can we put in the dumpster?

Construction demolition debris, household trash, and old furniture.  As long as it's safe for disposal at the landfill, you can throw it in.  


Is there anything we can't throw away?

No chemicals, oils, paints, solvents, hazardous materials, mattresses, electronics, tires, or appliances. For a complete list, please consult the rental contract.  If you're uncertain whether an item is okay to dump or not, feel free to call or text us and we will get right back to you.


I have an old TV, mattress, and a tire that I want to get rid of.  What should I do with them if I can't throw them away?

Just send us a list or photo of what you have, and we can handle it for you.  For a small fee, we can make sure all of these items are disposed of properly.


Can we dump dirt or concrete?

Yes, with prior approval you may load up to 4 tons of dirt or concrete into the dumpster.  We have a ramp available for easy loading with wheelbarrows.  Please be aware that overweight loads will be rejected and/or subject to overweight tonnage fees.  


Do you accept roofing shingles, and if so, how many square?

We are glad to work with roofers and homeowners tearing off asphalt shingles.  We can haul up to 32sq or 4 tons.  All projects over 32sq or any roof with multiple layers of shingles will require at least two dumpsters - no exceptions.


When will you pick up the dumpster?

When you are finished with the dumpster, just let us know and we will pick it up within 24 hours.   We won't come to get it until we know you're ready!


Are there any extra charges or hidden fees?

Our goal is to provide upfront and transparent pricing.  We only charge extra if you exceed the tonnage limit or the 10-day rental period.  Each additional ton is $45.00, and we charge $10.00 per day for each additional day.  If we find prohibited items in the load while dumping at the landfill, we reserve the right to charge the $50 fine plus the appropriate disposal fee for the item(s). 


By choosing DWS for my next dumpster rental, am I supporting a local, family-owned business?

Absolutely!  We are so thankful for each of our customers, and we look forward to doing business with you in the future!

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